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This is Buffalo Groves Major Sasquatch (son of Sassy & Sebastian)
We are thrilled with our bloodhound puppy - Major!

He is from our lovely Sassy & Sebastian litter!

We actually wanted to keep a girl (sorry Major) but...
WOW - this is a fabulous bloodhound puppy!!!

Tons of bone & substance, beautiful angles (front & back)
and we just love-love-love his bloodhound mug!!!

But don't just take our word on it...
* At his first show (6 mo) he earned 3 points!!!
     (and he went just for experience)
* Major was BEST BLOODHOUND PUPPY (Futurity)
     at the 2013 American Bloodhound National
     also at the 2013 American Bloodhound National.

Major gets a balance of being a bloodhound puppy,
playing here at the ranch... but will also go to a few
dog shows so he can learn to be a bloodhound show dog!!

Karissa (our granddaughter) practicing with Major (4 mo old)

He loves the outdoors and romaing around the ranch (4 mo old)

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10 weeks old - What a bloodhound face!!!

12 weeks old - Nice stacked puppy!

12 weeks old - Super bloodhound ears!

9 months - Major is a happy-silly puppy!

10 months - Major looks very noble & dignified!

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