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Oh Yeah... We Think Dog Shows Are Fun!!!
We think they are so much fun, that we developed the
"Going to The Dogs" Dog Show Fun & Facts Program!!!

The program runs at various AKC (American Kennel Club)
Dog Shows, and is coordinated by creator, Marlene Groves
with support from area kennel clubs & other dog show

It's always a fun and educational day for children, their
scout troops, schools, churches and/or their families.

Some dog clubs even offer FREE Patches to kids who
complete the the program!

THE PATCH - Going to the Dogs, Dog Show Fun & Facts --->
Colorado Program Dates (SIGN UP IS REQUIRED):
Saturday, Aug 16, 2014 - Greeley, Colorado
Saturday, Sept 20, 2014 - Aurora, Colorado
To Sign Up - Or For More Info:
Contact Program Developer
Marlene Groves

PDF - Childrens Program - 6 Pages
Greeley - PRINT - 1 per child
Aurora - PRINT - 1 per child

PDF - Adult Tip Sheet - 6 Pages
Greeley - PRINT 1 per adult
Aurora - PRINT 1 per adult

PDF Judging Schedule - 40 Pages - PRINT 1
Greeley - LINK - Available Approx Aug 7
Aurora - LINK - Available Approx Sept 10

PRINT - Lesson 1 - AKC Dog Groups
PRINT - Lesson 2 - AKC Events In Brief
PRINT - Lesson 3 - AKC Dog Show Etquette
PRINT - Lesson 4 - AKC Right Dog For Me
PRINT - Lesson 5 - AKC A Dog Is For Life
PRINT - Lesson 5 - AKC Responsible Dog Ownership
PRINT - Lesson 7 - AKC Before You Buy A Dog
PRINT - Lesson 8 - AKC Dangerous Products
PRINT - Lesson 9 - AKC Benefits Of A Trained Dog

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