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AKC Bloodhound Champion ~ Ch. Houndwalkers Sebastian of the Groves!
Sebastian became a Champion Bloodhound as a puppy (in 2010), so 2011 was a year of minimal
dog shows (mostly local shows to have some fun and to keep up the understanding of what a
bloodhound show dogs does)! But with that said Sebastian looked & showed beautiful and he
even started earning AKC Grand Champion Bloodhound points. We extend our sincere thanks to
Clint & Karen Livingston for showing our beautiful bloodhound boy!


Male Specials

Sebastian is in front & he definately has the BEST FRONT!

Other males were
at least 4 yrs old
so he still looks like
a young bloodhound
- which he is -
(nearly 15 months old)


Meet The Breed

Lots of fun for people and dogs as we share educational bloodhound materials with the general public and where people can see (and touch) a bloodhound!


Male Specials

He wins Select Dog
& earns more
Grand Champion
Bloodhound Points!!!

He looks wonderful (just immature against the more mature males).

Sebastian beautifully stacked

Very wonderful & efficient movement...
Can you say Reach & Drive... Yeah baby!!!

He is pushing back a little...
But such an adorable (squishy) face!!!

May-2011-Wyoming (approximately 18 months old)
Nice Hound Group Pull & strong consideration for a Ribbon
But he was too wiggly (when Karissa entered the group ring)!

Aug-2011-Greeley ~ Rocky Mountain Hound Show
Sebastian shown by Lori Wilson Day 1 at the show.
Head up, tail up, nice reach & drive... Lookin' good!!!

Aug-2011-Greeley ~ Rocky Mountain Hound Show
Sebastian & his handsome face is in front of the specials line up.
Georgie 2nd, Sassy 3rd, and Kiss (his 1/2 sister) is 4th in line.

Aug-2011-Greeley ~ Rocky Mountain Hound Show
Yes he is a b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l mover!!!
And looks soooo fit & muscular!!! (Cute too!!!)

Aug 2011-Greeley ~ Rocky Mountain Hound Show
Sebastian doing a little Public Relations & Education (having fun too)
as he helps a Girl Scouts Troop earn their Dog Show Patch.

Sep-2011-Aurora ~ waiting in the group ring with Karen Livingston
Sebastian lookin rather droopy & maybe a little hot (it was a hot day)
Karen lookin very serious (I am sure she was hot & tired too).

Aug-2011-Aurora ~ stacked up in the group righ with Karen Livingston
His structure & balance are fabulous (but he still looks young)
He is fabulous now, but will be even more fabulous when he matures!

Nov-2011-Pueblo ~ Sebastian shown here by Karen Livingston
The male in front is more mature & larger...
But Sebastian is growing and you can't deny his beautiful headpeice!

Nov-2011-Pueblo ~ Sebastian getting cuddle time in the hotel with Karissa!
And in this picture you can see a close up of his G O R G E O U S Headpiece!!!
Yes, he is adorable and we LOVE-LOVE-LOVE Sebastian!

Good Job Sebastian!

You are sure
growing up nicely!

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