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Top 10 Bloodhound - Top 20 Bloodhound ~ GCH CH Houndwalkers Sebastian of the Groves!
In 2012 Sebastian earned the title of Grand Champion Bloodhound, with only showing about 12 weekends!!!
On top of that he finished 2012 ranked as the # 9 Bloodhound (all-breed) - What a fabulous achievement!
Sebastian is about 125 lbs, but we see & compete with some much larger bloodhounds (135-140 lbs easiily);
so feel it is important to note the AKC Bloodhound Standard states Bloodhound males are 90 to 110 lbs...
Meaning we SINCERELY APPRECIATE all the judges that look past "just the biggest". Sebastian is a beautifully
balanced dog, with excellent (clean) movement. He has a solid topline, fantastic knuckled up feet, great angles
(front & rear) and a headpiece that is gorgeous (long & narrow), loaded with wrinkle & lovely long ears!

2012 Ranking

Sebastian is # 9
All Breed

We are so proud
of him and his

Thanks to both
Clint Livingston
& Diana Wilson
for showing him!

And of course to
all the judges
who admired
& rewarded him!!!

Now on to 2013...

Feb-2012-Denver ~ Sebastian WINS Best of Breed!!!
(over the much older male) - the Judge loved his head & neck!!!

Feb-2012-Denver ~ Sebastian & Clint in the Hound Group!!!
He is sooo handsome (we just want to kiss him!!!)

Feb-2012-Denver ~ Sebastian with Karen Livingston
Sebastian got Select, the 3rd dog ( veteran won)

Feb-2012-Denver ~ Sebastian moving nicely here!
No pro handler - but a great freind (Donna) showed Sebastian!

Feb-2012-Denver ~ Sebastian with Clint's assistant Sarah
Beautiful front, length of body, ears & FACE!!!

Apr-2012-Brighton ~ Sebastian & Clint Livingston
Great reach & drive, and always clean (CLEAN) movement!!!

Aug-2012-Hound Show - Bloodhound Specialty
Walks right into a stack... (not many do that!)
Select Dog - and lots of Grand champion Points!

Aug-2012-Hound Show - Greeley
Such a beautiful boy with such a handsome face!!!
Select Dog - and more Grand Champion Points!

Sept-2012-Cheyenne ~ With friend & handler (Diana Wilson)
Clint was too busy showing a new ridgeback (for his friend)

Sept-2012-Cheyenne ~ Day 2 = GROUP 2!!!
Again, Clint on the ridgeback so Diana Wilson shows Sebastian!

Sept-2012-Evergreen-Greeley ~ With Clint - Breed Again!
Judge Ellen Fetter was clearly a bloodhound "headhunter"

Sept-2012-Evergreen-Greeley ~ Clean, Lovely Mover!!!
We are grateful (AGAIN) for Diana Wilson showing Sebastian!

Sept-2012-Cheyenne - GROUP 2 WIN PHOTO - Love it!
Thank You to Mrs. Purkheiser for the honor of the placement!

Sept-2012-Aurora ~ This is our closest show!!!
Balance... Proper Structure... Lovely Neck... Yep, we LOVE HIM!!!

Oct-2012-Fayetteville - NEW GRAND CHAMPION BLOODHOUND!!!
Tired & on the road headed to the Bloodhound National!!

Oct-2012-Fayetteville - Sebastian (dad on R) & Major (son on L)
Major's 1st show & he is learning lots from his daddy Sebastian!

Oct-2012- Bloodhound National-with Donna (our fabulous friend)
Made all the cuts right down to the end!!! Whoo-Hoo!!!

Oct-2012-Bloodhound Regional-superbly shown again by Donna!
Again makes all the cuts right down to the end!!! SOO Proud!!!

Oct-2012-Buckhorn-Greeley ~ With Clint Livingston
He is maturing nicely and has such a cute (CUTE) face!!!

Oct-2012-Buckhorn-Greeley ~ With Brianne (Clint's assistant)
Major in front shown by granddaughter Karissa, then Sebastian.

Nov-2012-Pueblo ~ OMG Sebastian's Head is BEAUTIFUL!
Marlene showed him until Clint made it to the ring.

Nov-2012-Pueblo ~ WOW - truly a PERFECT Silhouette!
Hard to find a fault here, and he gets Best of Breed!

Nov-2012-Joplin ~ A wonderful win - Group 1!!!
Thanks to Judge Sonny Ambrosio for this honor!!!

Nov-2012-Joplin ~ And on day two - Group 4!!!
Thx Mrs Purkheiser! (Nice show, judges, hotel, friends!)

Good Job Sebastian!

You are sure
growing up nicely!

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