We Honor Our Past Bloodhounds...  Gone now, but still Loved & Never Forgotten!

  • We have had 4 wonderful past bloodhounds that shared and blessed our lives, but who have passed on.
  • Marshall our first bloodhound, in the photo to the left who did not live long, but in 2000 he introduced us  and hooked us on the bloodhound breed.
  • Hunter was next, the smartest bloodhound ever who was the best ranch dog ever (even willing to climb in the big tractor to help with ranch work).
  • Sassy was our first female bloodhound, who was Marlene's heart dog and who was probably the world's most adorable and annoying dog ever!
  • Sebastian was added to our bloodhound pack and he was gorgeous as well as the most gentle, most loving, most soulful and most empathic dog!

Marshall...  Hunter...  Sassy...  Sebastian... 

We Love You...  We Miss You...  We Honor You...

Photo Note:  Left is Marshall (with Tank).  Above from Left to Right are Hunter, Sebastian & Sassy.